Is it normal for people to hate you being happy?

Every time I get into a relationship, not only do my friends get jealous and angry but even co workers, family and people out in public.

When I went from not having a car to finally getting a car my closest friends were not happy for me. It was not a fancy car and I'm a very nice and humble person.

It seems as if no one wants me to be happy. I usually have to end up cutting my friends out of my life in order to be happy.

I've analyzed each situation over and over to see if I had done anything wrong and all I see is myself being a good friend, being supportive of everyone else, and being happy for everyone else but no one being happy for me.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    I'm usually happy all the time. 😄 When you're too happy, misery loves company.

    That's why I'd highly advise you not to make friends. Unless you're equally miserable, you get jinxed.

  • 4 weeks ago

    There may be a good reason..

    When you're in a relationship,you will forget everyone else.

    If you have a car,will you forget everyone else?

    • I understand you comment but that's not it at all. I actually offer free rides to my friends everywhere and when in a relationship I try to include my friends in activities or still hang out with them separately at times

  • 4 weeks ago

    Its abbynormal, they are losers, are they black?

    • Yes they are black. I'm black also but I get way more support and appreciation from white people. Some people say the hate comes from me being light skin. I really am tired of the hate. It's not flattering at all, instead, it's really draining. 

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