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Is Thanos coming back? Is it fair for a great character like that to end so quickly like that?

I'm so obsessed with Thanos character - The Mad Titan! All the movies I have watched in my life, I have never entertained as much as the last two Avengers movies because of Thanos. When he got defieded, gone for good, I got so upset.

A villain or not I see him as a God, a complete human, the best movie character ever. Powerful and brilliant! I really wish to watch more movies of him.

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    It is very unlikely that Thanos will return in the films after his defeat in Endgame.

    It is confirmed that Thanos will make an appearance in the upcoming animated series Marvel: What If?, which is about alternate stories in the MCU.

    Plus, there are plenty of comics about Thanos available.

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    In the comics , Thanos was defeated by Adam Warlock, and turned to Stone. He was later brought back to life. By death herself.

    His goal in that story, was to use the stones to destroy all life ( not just half ) . He had fallen in love with Death, and planned to give her all life as proof of his love.

    The movie kept everything on the mortal plain, so there is nothing to bring him back, unless of course someone uses the stones to do so.

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    He won't be back for the simple reason that the Whole story -arc is DONE. Finished. ENDED-

    The so called Phase 4 movies, will have nothing to do with the first 3 Phases.-----which were all sort of interlinked.

    >Phase 4 movies, will all be stand alone movies by themselves .....not dependent on seeing any of the Others before them.

    Many will simply be sequels, starring your favorite characters.........Dr, Strange 2 , Black Panther 2......Capt. Marvel 2............Guardians of the Galaxy 3, and so on. But none will no longer be part of an overall , intertwined story arc.

    Black Widow will be back in an ORIGIN story, (before she died in Endgame) and presumably there will be a new Capt. America story...........with Falcon as Capt. America.

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