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Ceiling insulation?

I had a leak from my roof of my house and some of my ceiling caved in.. I got tarp on my roof until I get a roofer, when the ceiling caved in the pink insulation came down on my table and carpet and sole of my clothing, can my table be cleaned and my carpet and clothing or di I have to dispose of it all? can insulation be cleaned off of a surface?

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    The pink insulation is fiberglass. It isn't dangerous except as an irritant to bare skin. Just glove up with work gloves over latex gloves and you should be able to wipe everything off with a damp cloth.

    I recommend latex gloves (or vinyl) because it will tend to trap any glass fibers that get past your work gloves, and pull them out as you remove the gloves. Even if you do wind up with some itchy places, don't worry - the fibers work their way back out again and you'll be fine.

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    Yes.  The insulation is fiber glass strands.  It does not decompose or rot.  The ceiling needs repair and the wet insulation does not insulate anymore so the wet is removed and dry insulation is put in, in its place.  Everything can be cleaned, either swept up and then vacuumed up and wiped down with a moist cloth and the table cloth washed to get rid of the fiberglass strands you cannot see as it is irritation to your arms. as the arms will be on the table the most. Getting the roof fixed first is your first priority otherwise nothing else matters for it will happen again.

    Carpets can be vacuumed cleaned no problem.

    . Wet pink insulation is no longer insulating. So you chuck it.  You will need to purchase 1 bundle of pink and you open it in the attic.  You will find out WHY.

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    just clean it up, repair the wall board and reinstall new insulation from inside the attic. no need to dispose of things -- just make sure you don't eat any of it

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