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a person I met needs dialysis and is on her insurance will not start for 20 months no doctors or any hospital or dialysis can help her ,?


,they have told her when she does get insurance they will be happy to help her ,she will die before that happens ,so what hope is there? what does she do?. I never new this was true about renal failure. she was also scheduled to get a port out in for dialysis but because of no insurance and has to wait she was turned away what does she do she does no do drugs or smoke or drink ,only does the renal diet and drinks water she has children and only 27

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    she needs to contact the services for the poor (where in the world are you?) In the US, there are county hospitals and clinics for this as well as emergency medicaid etc.

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      she is on ssdi and her insurance will be medicare and will start in 20 months we called all kinds of charities and hospitals their is no more charity care anymore

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