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Did George Martin not like Ringo Starr ?

Apparently he said John was " the heart" of the Beatles, that Paul was the " soul" of the Beatles, that George was the "spirit" of the Beatles, and Ringo was the " drummer".of the Beatles.

ps, Has anyone got a link/source to that disparagement ?

Whether it be in print or on video.

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    Starr never got the recognition he deserved. The drummer in bands back than, where there for one thing and that was timekeeping. Starr sang on several songs, and helped write several as well. Him doing those two things, proves that he was just more than a drummer. His Ludwig drum set was simple. It did not have a lot to it. Starr made the set come alive. Starr is also a big reason why drummers started to get recognition. Martin was just being the dick he always was. There is a whole catalogue of him doing it. You just need to type in on Google, George Martin interviews. And there are plenty of them, where he just casually says something off kilter. But you need to also keep in mind that, it was normal back than. There was a lot less care about what was said. And who they were said to. Martin was not the only person doing it. Martin also changed how he approached things. As he got older and you can tell by his questioning. Martin was great at what he did. His style was not always good.

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    When he 1st experienced the band, he quickly saw that Pete Best was inadequate as a drummer. He brought in Alan White (who later played for years with Yes) to work on their 1st recording. However, he took to Ringo as the band insisted upon having him, & Martin realised he was good. To call him the "drummer' meant that he recognised that the weakness in the band had been solved. Not flashy, he was exactly what they needed to fit their needs. He's a better singer & songwriter, B.T.W., than Avory (Kinks), Baker (Cream, et al), Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Elliott (Hollies) Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac et al), McCarty (Yardbirds), Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix Experience), Moon (Who), Watts (Rolling Stones) & most others of his era.

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    Whatever they did worked in the 1960s. That particular combination of talent worked perfectly. I was born in 1972, two years after they broke-up, I still think they're the greatest band of all time.

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    There was an issue at the beginning when Martin got a session drummer for one of the recordings, but he quickly realised Ringo was talented. "Rain" is notable for Ringo Starr's drumming, generally rated as his best recorded performance. Ringo isn't much of a singer, of course, but Martin was not the first to spot that. I expect the story is apocryphal, but there is nothing to give it substance.

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