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Is it a bad sign if the groom isn’t smiling in pictures of the wedding? But, the bride is....?

How does the groom feel? They do kiss and dance together ...but no smiles in pictures ....

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    It could be ---------

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    Not everyone likes to smile. There could be any number of reasons for its difficult to pass judgement,nor should you do so..

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    You can smile without showing your teeth those people practiced smiling in many ways. When you got invited to the wedding you are there to support the marriage and that makes it your business if they just showed you the pictures they brought you into it. Even people who suffered a stroke can have over half a smile my cousin smiled and laughed and she had two strokes. It is no reason not to smile in a wedding picture. You're there to celebrate a special day knowing that is enough to give your best effort at a smile. I say something is up.

  • Anonymous
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    not smiling in pictures doesn't mean they're not happy. they must not feel comfortable with pictures. it is what it is...some people are awkward in pictures like that

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    Some people don’t smile in photos.

    If you’re the bride in question and you’re concerned about your new husband’s feelings toward your marriage, then ask him yourself.

    If you are the groom here and aren’t sure how you feel about being married, then see a therapist.

    If you’re neither the bride nor the groom in this situation, then butt out because this is absolutely none of your business.

  • Kelly
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    1 month ago

    Could be a number of things, all of which aren't any of your business.

    A lot of people mentioned that with me for my wedding (and many other events).. I had a stroke when I was 22 and it left me with nerve damage on the right side of my face, I can't smile.

  • No. Maybe he was nervous.

    My husband didn't smile in our wedding photos, but I know he loves me.

    I didn't smile much in our wedding photos either, I was also nervous.

    Some people just don't smile when having their picture taken.

    You can't judge a relationship by just photos.

  • Satan
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    1 month ago

    Could be the groom is not really a 'smiler;

    • D
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      seriously, get your own life

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    maybe he has bad teeth he does not want to show

    • BeatriceBatten
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      Why do you care? If you’re ok with being rude and nosy then ask them yourself if they have a happy marriage - if you want to be a normal person, though, then stop obsessing over shiiiit that has nothing to do with you whatsoever.

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    Many have issues having photographs taken

    few people are natural or comfortable in front of one

    You cannot judge a marriage on a handful of photographs taken

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