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I am sad that my role model hates me?

There is a famous person currently in a stint for life that I look up to, but I think he hates me.

On his official social media, he encouraged his fans to reach out to him and message him. I sent him two messages on Jpay within 5 weeks, but he didn t like my messages so he ignored them.

I tried to send a letter via pen, but it came back because I put the "wrong address". (The first time I put the wrong DOC number).

But someone said he probably is just avoiding me and trying to block me.

I am so sad because he is my role model and I just wanted to here back from him. I feel so stupid that he hates me and I feel like I m scum.

I could barely focus on my assignments today because of this. (I m in college).

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  • 4 weeks ago

    If this person is in prison for life then chances are they have done very bad things. Hardly the person who should be a role model to anyone. Find someone more worthy of admiration.

  • 4 weeks ago

    🥴 Too clingy and obsessive, dear.

    1. Your role model celebs have lives.

    2. Your role model celebs have no backbones to stomach stalking.

    I actually wrote 2 letters to my favorite celebs when I was in middle school. 😄 Thank God my elder sisters laughed their a$ses off at how much of a bleeding heart teeny bopper I was. 🥴 Because I ended up being a cold hearted bxtch that guys stalk now. 😄🤷‍♀️

    Life is grand when you're not the clingy obsessive. 🤔

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