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My psychologist is clueless / cannot help me with my problems, but keeps talking about his all the time and wants my advice and sympathy?

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    Definitely time for a new psychologist. It’s not just clueless to talk about his own problems, it’s unethical.

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    Have you considered that they are not really his problems at all but that he is trying to get you to think about identifying problems and developing solutions? Is it possible the 'problems' he says are his are really yours and that he is leading you towards recognition of this fact. Psychologists/counsellors/therapists are not there to solve your problems. They are there to guide YOU to dealing with your problems. If they are not encouraging you to think, reflect and change, they are probably not helping. If you are not trying to think, reflect and change, you are probably wasting their time and your money..

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    It sounds like the roles are reversed... he seems to be acting like the patient rather than the psychologist.

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