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What's the point of quitting drugs if you're not happy when you're not getting high?

Since nothing else makes you feel good or even normal, what's the point of quitting? What's the point of living if you're not happy then? 

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    Like one of my nursing home elders told me on Friday, after experiencing some sh*t that REALLY shook her up: "this is NOT the time to quit smoking!!" And I was just all like... "Yeah. You're right." :-P

    Same with this stuff, maybe... Just telling people to quit whatever drug, if they're not motivated for it, and they think life totally sucks without it..? Seems entirely pointless to me. And it's just generally not very effective. Instead..? You could maybe show that person other things in life that they might enjoy! Which.. I'd recommend you to ALSO try finding other things that you enjoy, for sure. And the company of other people, maybe... And then..? You may find yourself leaning on drugs LESS, over time, at least!

    Also..? Consider the health rewards. And the current damage that you may or may not currently be doing to your health, from using all those drugs. It really depends on what drugs you're into, and how you use them, though. But yeah... Using less would VERY likely be healthy for you. And also, if you have a legit mental condition, such as for instance depression, that makes you feel all crappy about life..? I recommend seeking out therapy, getting a diagnosis, possibly trying out prescription meds for it, and all that jazz.

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    Find something else that makes you happy.

  • Foofa
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    4 weeks ago

    The point would be to get sober enough to enter into the treatment for depression you so desperately need. Many addicts got that way by trying self medicate their mental illnesses.

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    cause youre not getting all that garbage into your system and not getting arrested for it, maybe you should go see a psychiatrist,they can give you meds if youre depressed

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  • d j
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    4 weeks ago

    Your question sounds like your happiness solely depends upon drugs.

    That's a good enough reason to quit.

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    I suppose the point is = are you actually happy NOW? I suspect not as you've asked the question and you are just making excuses about this happiness stuff because getting off drugs is a difficult business and you don't know if you'll be able to make it or not and it's rather scary. So much easier to blame the non-happy stuff and convince yourself of it so you don't have to bother. You WILL do it eventually and it will be hard - but you will feel so much better afterwards. There was a thing on TV this morning about 2 girls who met in rehab a couple of years ago and are now blogger queens about getting off drugs and helping others to do so. They both said how much happier they were now than they'd been before and can't quite understand how they'd got so low in themselves while they were still hooked. Very inspiring stuff. You will do it because you are halfway there already. You've made the first move because you realise you have a problem and are considering doing something about it. Well done you for being proactive. Good luck

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    If you can support yourself financially and pay for your own food, housing, clothes and medical costs and do not do things that adversely affect other people, no one really cares if you are stoned all the time. If you can't do all those things, why should society allow you to be a leech or anti-social?

    Grown ups know it is not all about personal pleasure but about collective safety, comfort and sustainability. No one is happy all the time. It wouldn't work anyway because 'happy' is only 'happy' relative to the times of non-happiness.

    If you don't want to live when not high, that is your choice but you might want to bear in mind that drug use screws with your brain so you are less able to think rationally.

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    if u look at it from that point then yes. otherwise / there re other enjoyments in life besides drugs, u just haven't discovered them yet

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    To get into heaven

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    Your suffering with depression, if you get specialised help, you'll be able to recover and go on to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Good luck

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