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Loss of memory??

In my final year of highschool, I was socially isolated and rejected every single day by all my peers and friends at school. People got up and left whenever I sat next to them, blocked me on everything, said I was worthless and locked me outside their room. I'd run over to the school bathrooms to cry every day, I felt like a burden, and was convinced there was something wrong with me. 

For some reason, in my final month of school, it felt like everything became numb, and empty like I couldn't remember what happiness or even sadness felt like. It was disconnected and would self harm to feel something. From this point, everything is a blur, I can't remember or properly recall anything. 

I started uni with that same state, did terribly that year, even ended up skipping exams. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety.

I hated those times (this was a long time ago, I'm now and fully recovered) but I can't believe I can't recall most things for that year and a half. I'm only 24, should I be worried? Is this normal?

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    bro i can't remember basically anything from my twenties

  • Alfred
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    1 month ago

    well, with your kind permission, you're young enough to be my son/ daughter- to begin with.

    I must admit that your words here touched and thrilled my heart and soul.

    I am glad you're- now- fully recovered.

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