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Are these fears normal?

It's been a year I work in this company and this guy is an office assistant here. He is very mean looking and having a kind of rude behavior. One day I entered kitchen and I was making a tea for myself then suddenly the guy said I am not allowed do this as he is responsible for the kitchen and serving tea but I resisted and told him office kitchen is for everyone. Then he went up to complaint to the manager then the manager said do what the guy said. I was kinda humiliated I never thot an employee is not allowed to tea in the office kitchen. This guy behave like he is the boss in the company. After this issue I built up a fear towards this guy I am afraid of doing things in front of him I feel like he would say something then I wouldn't be able to say anything in return. I don't know from where this fear comes. Nowadays I try to avoid things making him say something as much as possible but If I do something in my office like forgetting to turn-off our cabin air conditioner then I feel like this guy come and get angry at me even-though I know what to say in return but I feel like I would need to stay silent to avoid a confrontation or argument. Deep in my mind I know confronting a service boy and steeping in to his level is not a good idea. But I feel like my silence he is misusing it. Also I feel like a coward for being like this. I feel like if I confront this guy it will create a bad image of myself in the company. this apprehensive feeling is bad.Help.Sorry bad English!

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    Your fear is understandable, and is likely shared by many people. You are afraid of being humiliated and losing face to others. By avoiding confrontation with him you are feeling that he has overpowered you and you feel put down. I would suggest you stand your ground next time and say what you feel. You don't need to be confrontational, just stand your ground and don't let others walk over you. If that guy is not your boss or superior in your work, and he has no business scolding you over anything, then say that to him and let him know you will not tolerate his behavior. Make him understand you do not appreciate him scolding you where it isn't his business to do so. Just tell him ''mind your own business'' and be done with it. Don't be confrontational, just stand your ground and tell him how you feel. You will feel much better after that.

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