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Instant axiety when at rest : sitted, lying or upstanding . Brain MRI - clean. Neck CT/MRI - normal degenerative changes. Male, 33 y.o.?

Height 6.2 . Weight 225+ lbs.

Excess bw for the last 3-4 years.

I begin to feel anxiety the moment I get horizontal together with prompt weakness/looseness in muscles, shaky legs/tremors and poor coordination.

The rest time I need to move around or te exert really hard physically to relieve things. The problem is I can't do passive activities such as desk job or even rest and do nothing literally.

The pattern is very same for 10+ years, irrespective of chiropractic treatment received.

Been to several doctors . Ordinary doctors tend to assume non-sense diagnoses such is vegetative disorders, depressions, neurosis.

I'm not suffering from depression or neurosis -that's the fact.

Ones with decades of practice told I could have forms of sleep disorders like forms of narcolepsy or sclerosis.

Problem is I'm stick with GP and they do not refer me to other specialists.

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