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How difficult will it be for a 25 year old woman with no kids to lose 70 pounds? ?

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    That would depend on a lot of factors, with her starting weight and level of motivation being the biggest ones. If, for example, she weighed less than 200 pounds, then I'd call a 70 pound weight loss to be an extreme goal. But if she were at least over 210, and she could commit to a reduced calorie diet while maintaining a level of physical activity, and at the same time she could maintain her drive even past the rough days, then I'd say she has every chance in the world.

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    I lost 50 lbs. and have kept it off for over 12 years. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I counted calories for seven months. After that I knew which foods to avoid and which to eat. I did not starve.

  • If you dedicate yourself to anything you can do it. I’m 24 gained 100 lbs in a year, so if you gained it you can loose it, both are head.

    Small steps. I don’t think it will be hard but it’s not going to come off overnight you have to work with it you know

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