Windows 10 lag?

Hi. My Windows 10 Home edition with the latest updates takes more than 2.5 minutes to startup. I have disabled many startup programs. is that normal or is it a lag? My Chrome browser is very slow too.

What can i do? Thank you for your time.!!

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    Firstly, you can find the answer to your question by using the task manager. Just type "task manager" in windows 10's "type here to search" box in the bottom left. If you want to speed up your PC, this will help you greatly by letting you know which process is the slowest (ie Chrome, File explorer, etc) under the "Processes" tab, and what computer resource (ie memory, CPU time, network, etc) is being used to the max under the "Performance" tab. If any resource is being used at over 80% capacity, then your programs will likely run out of that resource and have to wait for other processes to finish using it for more of it to become available (slowing down your experience).



    Usually the reason computers get slow is because different processes need a lot certain resource to run, but there is not enough of that resource. So processes have to wait for that resource to be free. 


    My guess is that it could be a problem with slow memory/storage. Computers store data in 2 ways RAM (aka "memory") and a drive (aka "storage"). There's a few key differences: 


     In Windows Task Manager's "Performance" tab you can see how much memory you are using, and how much you have. Right now, I'm using 7 GB / 16 GB total RAM. Most computers come with only 4 GB. If your programs need more memory than your computer has (ie if you open many tabs) then Windows will move some begin moving some of the program's data to storage, which is very slow to read and write data to. If you buy more RAM, then it is less likely to run out.


    You can probably just look up the difference between these by just searching "what is the difference between memory and storage" in a search engine. 


    Most drives that computers come with are hard drives (Hard Disk Drive or HDD), which is pretty slow.  


    In short, one way to make your PC boot faster is to buy an SSD. One way to make Chrome run faster is to buy more RAM. You actually have to turn off and open up your computer to put these in though. There are directions in the manual, which you can find online.

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      Just figured I'd add that to your already very complete answer.

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    An SSD would certainly increase boot up speed. For your browser, it is a memory hog every time you open an additional tab. Check the task manager to see if your RAM is nearly maxed out when using your browser. If that is the case, just add more RAM.

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    Do you have enough RAM in the system?

    I'd start by going to Task Manager, clicking "more details" then looking at the performance tab, if the Memory graph is maxing out, that means your computer doesn't have enough RAM to do the things it needs to. Both Windows 10 and Chrome are very high RAM users.

    Otherwise, I'd check out the startup tab in Task Manager as well which helps you see what's slowing things down, but it sounds like you've already done that.

    If you do need more RAM, you can usually visit manufacturer's websites like Crucial and Kingston, put in your computer's info and they'll tell you if the RAM can be upgraded or not. Or just take it to your local computer store and ask them to upgrade it.

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    A thousand things can slow Windows.

    I took 400 Gb in files, backed up to external drive, remove them from the system drive and sped up by a noticeable amount.

    Turn off unneeded services, reset frivolous setting to defaults, that helped.

    Your browser, how many tabs you have open, background app running on task bar, network speed, all play a part in performance.

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    What is your computer Make and model and what motherboard does it have?

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