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Why is it, that anything depicted as titillatingly is so 'taboo' in society?



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    because t!ts are too fun to play with

  • 1 month ago

    It's not. I think you're just listening to many people who are pissed off in life so they spend most of their time trying to make everyone else think that life sucks too. **** those people. Do what you want, just don't hurt people doing it, unless they want you to that is. Whatever floats your boat you know.

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    1 month ago

    Because titillation of the base instincts can lead to all sorts of social problems. For example, my uncle was "titillated" by his niece. When you give in to base urges, however harmless they may seem at first and to a young mind, it does not lead anywhere good.

    Edit: And it always begins with "I'm not harming anyone". "Looking is not touching." But soon looking does become touching. Or "I'll just have a glass of wine tonight" that becomes a bottle every night.

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