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What value is there in knowing the chemical makeup of the foods that humans eat? What is the importance of being able to analyze the contents of foods

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    By knowing, we know if the food we eat will fill our nutritional needs, and also whether there may be toxic or cancer causing substances in the food we eat. There are food such as poison mushrooms that can make us seriously ill or even kill us. It does not hurt to know that. We need certain vitamins, such as vitamin A, for example, Vitamin A is the precursor to the manufacture of Rhodopsin, a light sensing chemical that helps us detect light at night. If a person has vitamin A shortage, then he/she may suffer night blindness or worse, it can get so bad that a person may become blind altogether. There are many places in the world where people do not know what vitamin A is. what kind of food has it, and they do not even know that vitamin A shortage can result in night blindnes. Charitable organizations go to these places and help people out by giving them vitamin A pills, which is dirt cheap, costing a little over a dollar, but it helps people avoid blindness since their normal diet is short on vitamin A. Here in the west, we eat vitamin A rich food such as carrots or if we do not like to do that, we can take a multivitamin pill to avoid vision problems

    Another important thing to know is iodine. Because scientist know that goiters is caused by shortage of iodine, salt makers are adding iodine to salt, and goiters is now pretty rare in the USA. Goiters may still be a problem in third world countries, if the water they drink do not contain enough iodine and they don't have access to iodized salt.

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    People were eating for more than 190,000 years without knowing "chemical makeup" of foods.  Therefore it must not be very important.

    Your teacher probably wants some guff about "are you getting enough nutrients and vitamins to prevent a deficiency disease?"

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    Anonymous posters should not ask Biology questions

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    biology answer 

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