Should I contact the construction company?

We are trying to get our driveway done and have already talked and chosen a construction company. He told us could start in about a month, then it became at least a month due to weather and I don't know what else, It has now been almost 3 months. His email to me was that he would contact us to when he could start. Should I email him about the timeline of when he's going to start or just wait for a while longer or should I just forget him and hire somebody else. We wanted to get this done before winter so that's why we chose him. All other local companies were booked solid until spring of next year. What should I do and if I email him, what should I say?

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  • 4 weeks ago

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  • Robert
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    4 weeks ago

    I know of contractor problems well. They overbook and try to cram in as much as they can. I don't believe I have ever had one start on time. The weather is something they have no control over, but even when there is a delay they still should keep you in like. In other words if you were the third project he was going to do, he should still keep you third when the weather clears and he should have gotten to you by now. If no money has yet changed hands you can always tell him you needed the work done before the cold weather and since it's almost November, you'd prefer to wait until spring if he can't start the project at once. Then contact other TRUSTED and BONDED companies to see if anyone can do it NOW. If not, see if he calls you in the spring. IF you have paid him a retainer explain that you gave him money in good faith and depended upon the work being done before now. Since he can not deliver on his promises, you'd like your money back. Be polite but forceful. This will hopefully get him to get a move on rather than to part with (already spent) cash.

  • 1 month ago

    Well, if all of the other companies are booked solid...are you going to try be tough?

    I'd either wait around at this point or plan for it to be done next season...

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