What old Cameras will work with my vintage camera lens?

Hi, I had a Vivitar 400/sl camera. I have many different types of lens for this camera but theres kind of a problem. Recently I went to use the camera and when I went to cock the shutter there was a big snapping sound. I opened it up and the shutter spring was rusted and snapped. I could fix the camera but I figure I should just get a new one from the same time period, the 70's. My question is are there different sizes of lens mounts for the threaded screw on lens I have or are my lens compatible with all cameras from that time period with that screw on lens? Thanks!

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  • Frank
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    1 month ago
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    No, there are no other types of threaded screw mounts other than the M42 mount.  The screw mount that is incorporated into your lenses is the only one of its kind.  You can safely buy any screw-mount body by any brand and your lenses will work perfectly well.

    I would suggest looking not at Vivitar since they never made anything, but instead just rebranded other company's products.  Instead of Vivitar, look at getting a Pentax Spotmatic F which is an iconic M42 SLR.

    Do a search for "best M42 bodies."

  • keerok
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    1 month ago

    It's Pentax Screwmount or M42 which was the universal mount way back then.

    I can recommend 3 - Pentax Spotmatic, Praktica L and the Zenit ET. They're all good. I still have the Spotmatic and the ET. The L was so light that it got knocked by the wind when I left it on a tripod.

    • Landon1 month agoReport

      Thanks! I found out it was a M42, I'll look into those cameras, The Spotmatic looks like a possibility!

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