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Is it true that Japan, out of the Asian countries is the most accepting of western culture?

I know they have their own  culture in Japan as well but is it true that Japan likes western movies,  TV shows and other entertainment more so than countries like China and Korea. I've had a friend who's been to both china and Japan and he said that in China the people didn't really seem to like foreigners much. But in Japan they pretty much welcome westerners with open arms. 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    I would say Philippines is more accepting. Although Japanese have absorbed much of Western cultures, majority don't like the idea of foreigners living in their country. They welcome tourists, but not immigrants. They fear that the presence of immigrants can ruin their culture and bring bad influence to their country like crimes. Many are also complaining about the behavior of foreign tourists, such as their habit of talking loudly in public trains.

    Filipinos, on the other hand, are very obsessed with Western culture. many Filipinos like to claim they have Spanish ancestry even though their Spanish ancestry is only less than 1% or even none. White-mixed celebrities make up a huge portion of Filipino celebrities. English is widely spoken everywhere thanks to American colonialism and even poor farmers can speak English fluently. Being Christian-majority, they have favorable view towards Westerners. Many Filipino women want to marry a white man, either for economic reason or to elevate their status. Having fair skin and pointy nose are considered attractive.

  • 4 weeks ago

    China does not accept western culture so much because it's a communist country where the government is controlling all information. For example, even Facebook and YouTube are banned there.

    So China is pretty unusual. But I think other Asian countries like South Korea are accepting western culture as much as Japan.

  • 1 month ago

    Japanese culture is a polytheistic culture.

    The Japanese adopted Chinese and Indian cultures without sticking to Shinto culture unique to Japan. In the 19th century, Western culture was adopted.

    Japanese people do judo and karate, and also play rugby and soccer.

    Japanese people like Chinese culture, Indian culture and Western culture.

    Japanese people also would like Maori culture and native indian culture.

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