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 what will cure kennel cough in dogs?

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    .• "what will cure kennel cough in dogs?"

    Have you never heard the adage that "Prevention is better than cure" ?

    There is no CURE available, apart from the dog's own immune system. It typically takes 10+ days for the immune system to identify & minimise this infection, but the infected pooch continues to shed the CAUSES into the environment for some 6-to-14 weeks after the dog itself appears to have recovered.

    Kennel cough is not caused by just one bacterium (bacteria are killed by the right antibiotics💊) although Bordetella Bronchiseptica is the main one.

    Nor by just one virus (no cure - but immunity to the virus can be improved by vaccination💉, if you are in an area where the virus is common), but Paramyxoviridae Morbillivirus that produces Canine Distemper, and CIV H3N8 and CIV H3N2 that produce Canine Influenza are the main ones. is probably as informative as any web-site, but you are welcome to search for the other 783,000 sites found by doing a web-search for:

    cause & cure of kennel cough?

    You DO need to help your dog by using both the relevant vaccine💉 BEFORE the dog is infected or reinfected and, when the dogs IS infected, the relevant antibiotics💊 (so that the bacteria can't thrive while the immune system is battling the viruses).

    In addition, WHILE it is infected and for some weeks AFTER it has recovered, you must apply a very high standard of hygiene to EVERYWHERE the dog goes.

    🔸One step is to QUARANTINE your dog so it can't shed its bacteria & viruses where other dogs go.

    🔹The other is frequent cleaning🧼🧹 and disinfecting🧴 of everywhere it goes during the infection and during the weeks of virus shedding afterwards.

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    You need to know what kennel cough is & from there you know that there is no cure. It is a virus that usually has to run its course.

    Google kennel Cough so you are informed & know more about it.

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    If the KC is the viral kind, nothing. Vets will often give antibiotics these days, to help prevent it developing into pneumonia. But otherwise, a virus has to run it's course. You can treat the symptoms, but not the virus I'm afraid. If the dog is very poorly, and a puppy or elderly, it might be a good idea to involve your vet BUT please don't take him off your property otherwise, or worse, into the vet's waiting area. He needs to be confined until the symptoms have stopped and definitely keep him outside in your car if you take him to your vet, until the vet is ready to see you. Otherwise you'll be spreading this disease which is highly contageous.

    ps Those dogs who have been vaccinated against this will become ill still (it's like the human flu - it mutates) but should shake it off faster than those with no vaccination.

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    There are no cures for kennel cough since it`s an airborne virus. Antibiotics prescrbed by a vet ( normally Baytril, Doxycycline, or Clavamox. can relieve it though )

    Though also it will go away on its own in 7 to 21 days given time

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    often ice, not the solid of water. The drug

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    Antibiotics from the vet

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