What kind of drug policies are there for the usss uniformed division. And what is asked on the polygraph ?

What kind of drug related things would disqualify you for the usss uniformed division? And what questions would they ask you on the polygraph examination? Meaning would a single past use of drugs disqualify you? If so, are you eligible after a certain amount of years have passed, etc? 

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  • 1 month ago

    1. You're asking too many questions @ once

    2. All law enforcement agency officers 👮 👮 👮 👮 👮 💂 💂 💂 💂 💂 🚓 🚔 are bound by the governing laws of physics along with constituted laws

    3. If you continue to ask such ridiculously outrageous questions you will likely not even be answered to a level to your own satisfication

    4. Illicit drugs aren't allowed in the police services as they can severely affect judgement Plus alertness though, how exactly would they prove that you had some but, I would recommend against police employment if you've ever taken any barbitutes or narcotic to that could have caused empairment especially if weren"t prescribed to you by a licences medical professional.

    5. And most importantly : if you lie on your application forms - you could be terminated from your position at any time the top brass please and also fortunately that includes interviews for employment with the recruitment branch

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