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Why don’t I like Fashion NoVa?

Cheap& Runs small. I just bought a jacket that was originally $50+ and I got it on sale for more than half of that and I’m so glad I did because I’d been pissed paying that much for a sewn trash bag. 

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  • 1 month ago

    I don't like fashionova either. It seems like low quality polyester acrylic fabric fast fashion. I prefer non synthetic fabrics because they last longer and I think they look better.

  • Yeah I kinda felt the same way about it. I ordered a few dresses and just thought they were really cheap and wish I bought something of higher quality material. I bought like 3 dressers for 150 & wished I bought one dress for 150 of high quality. I threw two of them out wore one like once and was overall disappointed ... maybe good for lil high school girls I don’t know but I probably won’t order from them again. I thought the pajamas were cute but again everything looked realllyyy cheap. I was disappointed and prob won’t be ordering from them again. There known for there jeans and I thought they were awful actually and didn’t complements me at all

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