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please help me pronounce these japanese names?

ryutarou (plastic tree vocalist)

tatsurou (mucc vocalist)

aoi (gazette guitarist)

meto (mejibray drummer)

masashi (versailles bassist)

kyo (dir en grey vocalist)

sena (jiluka guitarist)

genki (8p-sb)


i am german, my english is bad and i cant speak japanese, very sorry

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    I will give you advice based on English phonetics, using English sounds, since you don't speak Japanese.

    Note that both English & German are stress-timed languages. Some syllables are stressed more than others. Japanese is a mora-timed language. A mora is usually like an English or German syllable (but not always). Each mora gets equal stress.

    However, if you're not speaking Japanese, just use the stress pattern that is natural for you.

    ryutarou: ryoo (or ri-yoo, if you must)-tah-roh

    tatsurou: tah-tsoo-roh

    aoi: ah-oh-ee (also means "blue")

    meto: meh-toh

    masashi: mah-sah-shee

    kyo: kyoh (k + yoh)

    sena: seh-nah

    genki: gehng-kee (where ng is the sound of ng in sing). Also means healthy, energy, spirit; etc

    Source(s): intermediate Japanese.
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    Please ask an actual question

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