Why do women react to every little noise?

Its annoying, feels like I'm being watched, every time I move women move. Why do they react to everything? Can't they just mind their own business? Why are they so insecure like this


I see its mostly women that react to noise, like they are eager to socialize. Only gay guys I've seen react to every little thing also. Are you gay? Nothing against gay people by the way, but its true and its so annoying. Like mind your business what are you so insecure about that you have to react to every little noise.

Update 2:

No I'm not at work but I noticed its worse there than anywhere else. Women need more confidence they focus too much on their surroundings, feels like I can't do anything without them reacting like what the heck. Stalking.

Update 3:

So I guess no one wants to tell the truth, that women are stalkers. I must be in the majority gay and democratic category. Pay attention and see how these women and gay guys react to everything, so insecure.

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  • 1 month ago

    So, every military veteran, or resident of a poor neighborhood, who tries to jump under a parked car at the sound of a truck backfiring, is "like a woman"? And a woman I know, who is tough as nails and unfazed by anything, ISN'T?

    I thought you gender bigots had to PICK a side to victimize, male or female? But YOU seem bent on attacking EVERYBODY. Gays too? Is NO ONE safe from your bullcrap?

    MAJOR fail.

    By the way? If you try to wake me up by tapping me on the shoulder, I suggest you lean WAY back, and pull that hand back FAST, if you don't want to LOSE it.

    On second thought? YOU should lean IN.

    My girlfriend's got a GREAT lawyer, I bet he could get me off for what would happen to you.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Are you stalking someone and getting annoyed that they noticed?

  • 1 month ago

    I'm male and I'm annoyed by unnecessary noises.  What has that got to do with gender?  If you make noise it is no longer your private business because you have inflicted that noise on someone else against their will.

    Update: No, I am not gay.  I am however a musician and so I care about what I listen to and I suppose I notice sound more than most people do.  I don't think that people have the right to make as much noise as they want to.  Some unwanted sounds are unavoidable but where to draw the line is always an issue.  Even for people who don't actually notice or object, unwanted sounds have been proven to be damaging to people's health, mostly mental health but also physical health in some cases.  I still think that it has nothing to do with gender (or sexual orientation).

  • 1 month ago


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