What should be the 2nd step? ?

Since I was little I always wanted to act / dance but my mother was always busy. Now I’m 23, I really want to start YouTube, acting and just join the entertainment industry, I already did a lot of research and learned about acting/ YouTube.I feel like I covered the first step,  but I don’t know what else to do, also feel like I put a lot of fear in me. I really want to start my career but don’t know how to. 

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  • 9 months ago
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    There s no one way to become an actor, so if you re looking for some step-by-step guide you re going to be disappointed. There is no step one or step two.

    So you don t just "join" the entertainment industry. It s not a club - it s a business. People are in it to make money, not make your dreams come true. If you want to attempt a professional acting career or make a living creating YouTube videos (and those are 2 very different things) then you need to get training, experience, learn the business, do some self reflections and then come up with achievable goals for your self and a plan to work toward those goals.

    I can t help you figure out how to make any money with YouTube videos - not my area. But having been a professional actor for over 15 years, I can give you some direction with at.

    First, give up the fantasy that you ll be "discovered". That s not how the industry works. No one is going to give you an acting career so you have to step up and take responsibility for yourself.

    Youll need quality training from respected instructors. Not only does that help you improve your acting skills, but it s one way to network and make industry connections. Acting involves interacting and reacting with others so you need actual classes, not YouTube videos. And training isn t some box you just check off. Most professional actors continue training throughout their career, so this isn t a one-time thing.

    You ll need experience. Community theaters are a good place to start. You can contact local film schools and ask how they find actors for student films and check those sources. Websites like Actors Access, Casting Networks and Backstage may list some non-union jobs that you could submit to. Most of those will be in larger markets though. But work on those things to help build a resume.

    Learn the business end of the industry. You ll need to understand things like the casting process (agents, casting directors, breakdowns); legal issues (contracts, unions, taxes); marketing (head shots, resumes, show reel, website, social media); networking. There are alot of scams and rip offs that prey on people who don t understand the realities of the business.

    Do some self-reflection. Why do you want to be an actor? How do your skills fit into the business? How would you personally define success? How well would you handle the literally constant rejection? How do you plan to support yourself while working on a career? Every acting job is temporary so you always have to worry about when (and if) you ll get another job, so how well would you handle the instability?

    And from there you set realistic goals and a plan to work toward reaching those goals.

    Good luck!

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  • Cogito
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    9 months ago

    I don't know what you think is the first step.

    Youtube has nothing to do with acting.

    If you really want to try acting, first you have to study it in a real acting school, in a class, with real, professional teachers. That's the first step.

    You also need to get stage experience so you can learn how to put what you're learning into practice.

    After a while - maybe three years - you might find that you love acting and would like to take it further.

    Or you may find out that it's nothing like you imagined and you're going to drop the whole idea.

    If that went really well and you're told that you have huge talent, maybe you might consider acting as a career - but you need to understand that it's extremely rare for any actor to get more than maybe ten days' paid acting work a year, they have to work very long hours at an ordinary job just to pay their bills, and they'll never get anything more than a small roles in a small production.

    It's a really competitive field and you'd need loads of luck to get anywhere.

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