If you sell on ebay, amazon, etsy, etc. can your shipment be tracked if you enter tracking numbers from a courier most havent heard from?

These eCommerce vendor companies have you enter the shipping numbers. When you/buyer clicks on it, it shows the courier UPS, Fedex, USPS, etc. that most have heard of AND it shows the shipping status right on their site. What if you enter the shipping number of local shipping company that most have never heard of. Do you know if it will show tracking on Amazon/Ebays site or will it direct you to the Companies site most don't know of?

Example, if I entered tracking number 123456 with Happy shippers, would it show up on amazon tracking site or would it jump to Happy shippers tracking site (if they existed).

Technically sales sites need all the individual shipping API codes from each individual courier they want to track on their site, like you see on Amazon. So I'm trying to figure out what these sellers do since I've never shipped with off brand couriers, but I know others who have. How can they show tracking if they don't have all their APIs entered, or maybe they do.

It appears if only UPS API was uploaded and you entered USPS shipping number, websites would say can't find shipping. So trying to figure out the way they do this.


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  • 1 month ago

    It depends on who is handling the last mile...which is the hardest part of the delivery process in most places.

    You already know others who have done this...so wouldn't it make the most sense to ask them?

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      How are you going to get a hold of the department that sets up the website shipping/tracking in ebay, etsy, amazon. etc. You can talk to UPS about whats needed to track on your site but that does no good when it comes to how a business show all the couriers.

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