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Why did DC and Marvel comics get more mature and adult in the 70s? What was the reason?

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    Because that was the way the culture was going back then, in a lot of ways, after the "cultural revolution" of the 60s.  Stories were becoming less "traditional" and "wholesome", and more "pulp-culture".

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    Because their core readership was growing up.

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    To get more people interested.

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    I'm not sure they got more 'mature' or 'adult', but they definitely changed.  It was because of the innovations of Lee & Kirby et al.  They were telling more sophisticated stories and it was very popular.  Prior to that comics told only the very simplest stories.  Then a new generation of comic writers took that trend and continued it.  

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  • 1 month ago

    The Comics Code, which decided what was morally acceptable in American Comics, was revised in 1971 to be more lenient and allow mature content in comics.

    The revision was initiated by the publication of a Spider-Man story that depicted the dangers of drug overdose. However, the Code prohibited all depictions of drug use. This is despite the fact the US Government requested for this story to be published. The story was published anyway without Code approval. This led to the 1971 revision.

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    Marvel already was mature in the early 1960's. Then in the early 1970's Jack Kirby went to DC and helped them update to modern days aimed more for college students than children

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