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Am I pregnant?


So I had unprotected sex 3 times (not on any contraception either) within about a week. 

It was just under a week after my period has finished.

My period is due today and hasn’t arrived. I’ve been experiencing discharge for the last 2 days. My nipples have been very sensitive. I’ve been having non stop dreams every time I sleep and my last two dreams have involved babies. I’ve had stomach cramps and back pain similar to ones I’d get prior to my period. 

Does it sound like I’m pregnant ? 


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    try setting a fire in ur bed room and heat ur vagina then do a pregnancy test

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    The only way to know is to take a test. Just take the test!

  • Edna
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    No .. it does NOT sound like you're pregnant - not from what you think are "symptoms". If your period is due to arrive today, it's MUCH too early to be having ANY sort of "pregnancy symptoms", even if you are pregnant.

    Discharge, sensitive nipples, dreams about babies, stomach cramps and back pain are NOT "early symptoms" of pregnancy. The FIRST physical "symptom" of a suspected pregnancy is ALWAYS going to be if your next expected period is at least one week overdue.

    If you had sex just under a week after your last period ended, it was probably too soon for you to be ovulating. If you didn't have sex during the 2 days before and after you ovulated, then you couldn't get pregnant.

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    Never worry about a period being a day or two or three late, that happens to many females sometimes. Presumably you had sex about 3 weeks ago. You might now be two weeks pregnant, thus able to use a pregnancy test kit.

    But note that for many women early pregnancy produces very mild symptoms, for the first several weeks, thus your symptoms might indicate something else. If things don't settle down a week from now, do a pregnancy test and see your doctor.

    Just remember that Mother Nature never looks at the apps which try to foretell your periods.

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  • Well theres only one definitive answer, take a test. Thats the only way you're going to know for sure whether or not you are (Unless you visit the doctor or whatnot.) But its ideal to take it 3 days after your period is missed. If its negative, wait another few days and take another if your period doesnt show up.

    Push comes to shove, visit your doctor.

    Everyones pregnancy is different, so you cant know 100% by how you 'feel'. Its best to test.

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    You could get pregnant sweetie, I even used a condom and I'm still ******* scared I'll never get to see my period that's due in two days, oh well just get a pregnancy test done

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    I hope not. You’re too stupid to be a parent.

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    There are no symptoms of early pregnancy that cannot be duplicated by PMS, minor illnesses, paranoia, or hope. If your period continues not to turn up you should take a home pregnancy test.

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  • Anonymous
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    You are obviously TRYING to get pregnant, but if you think asking strangers on Yahoo is the way to find out if you're actually pregnant or not, you're an idiot.

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