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What film is this? ?

I remember this film where at the beginning(I think) two ancient nations go to war but instead of a big battle they decide to let the 2 greatest warriors fight the winner controls both armies. 1 side I think had a huge warrior who everyone thought was unbeatable and the other side like a legendary hero who was unheard of at the time I think. What's this film called? It's been bothering me for months. Might have a few things wrong but the basic plot is right. 

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    Might be the Brad Pitt movie Troy for ten or fifteen years ago. It's based on the epic The Iliad by the ancient Greek poet Homer. The story has the Trojan prince Paris stealing Helen, a legendary beauty who was supposed to marry the Greek noble Menelaeus. The Greeks go to war over the insult and lay siege to Troy. One central event is a one on one duel between Brad Pitt's Achilles and Eric Bana as Hector, the elder brother of Paris.

    You may also be thinking of a scene from IIRC the third or fourth season of Game of Thrones where one of the characters who is accused of patricide demands a trial by combat. The "prosecution", for lack of a better word chooses Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane, a gigantic warrior renowned for his cruelty. The defendant chooses Oberyn Martell, a nobleman who has a grudge against Clegane for having murdered his sister during a war years ago. Martell seems destined to lose because he's much smaller and wears very little armor but effectively fights the much larger knight using his speed and mobility.

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    "Troy" (2004) have such fight near beginning. It have 6'-10", 350 lbs. Nathan Jones versus 5'-11", 172 lbs. Brad Pitt.

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    Sounds like one of the remakes of Hercules.

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      I thought that so I watched the one with the rock. But alas that was not the film

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    Troy from 2004 starts with a similar fight, with a duel between 2 warriors who represent the armies of Mycenae and Thessaly

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      The bit I mentioned wasn't the main plot just 1 scene, which I'm sure wasn't overly long and just the start of the film

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