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What do women think about sweet, gentle men?

vs domineering a brutish? I've been convicted and served on many many extremely violent felonies but I've come to be open to a sweet, kind, gentle way of interacting with people. (Can't reach heaven till your roots reach down to hell). While women initially shower me with adoration, they quickly shun me.

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  • i like them a lot, theyre easy to talk to, i dont like guys that are too masculine to the point that instead of getting upset they get angry, i like guys that are soft and sweet.

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    great ............

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    Each woman is different. Some women like the 'badasses'/the so-called tough guys that aren't gonna do anything but beat on them; some women do like the good-natured and sweet men.

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    You will attract a different type of woman, just need to find the type of person that compliments your personality.

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    Women by their very nature. Destroy "sweet" men. Truly "sweet" men get shoved in the friend zone where they'll serve a sentence of voluntary servitude in hopes of reciprocity that will never come. Trying to suppress and repress your "darkness" is a bad thing. Be who you really are because bitches can sense when you're faking it. They can smell it. So trying to "nice guy" your way into some pvssy will be a GIGANTIC waste of your time and money. 

    • Tommy1 month agoReport

      I may not be the "nice guy" you want....
      But I AM the @sshole you DESERVE.

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    I think people are put off by a violent past. It demonstrates, undeniably, that you can behave that way. So you might be gentle and nice today, or in this hour, but it's always in the back of someone's mind - what if he gets mad at me? Perhaps especially in dating. A lot of pain and anger can arise if one person rejects the other at some point. I guess it's just part of the price we pay if we indulge in scary behavior.

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    Most people enjoy spending time with people they can trust and that won't suddenly want to murder them. If your a violent thug, chances are you'll only attract 'mentally damaged women, who've been physically abused and have little self worth.

    Your violent tendencies mean that you're mentally ill and need to get professional help.

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    1 month ago

    We like the idea. But we prefer (as a romantic partner) a "man" man.

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    every woman most important for every man.

    I love them so much

  • 1 month ago

    you just need to meet a woman who can arm wrestle you and beat you.. then grab you with a choke hold,,,,,,,,,,,,,bye

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