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Should I move to maui?

hould I move to Hawaii ?

Should I move to maui? 

I just visited Maui on vacation and I fell in love. I love Hawaii so much and I want to move there. I just graduated college in may, got a bachelors in business administration. I am considering teaching though because (summers off) I moved from Illinois to Georgia currently living with my parents to save money. Just turned 26. I’m not married, no kids. I wanna save like 10,000 before I go which would take only a few months. I know it’s hella expensive there but what do I got to lose right? What do you think? Worst come to worst it doesn’t work and I move back to georgia with my parents 

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    Seems like you're jumping the gun a bit.  Start by researching the cost of living.  Hawaii is expensive.  Everything there costs more than it does in Georgia.  Next, figure out how your are going to teach if you don't have a teacher's license from the state of Hawaii.  Also research job openings and salaries -- compared those to the cost of living.  Consider how you are going to get a car to Hawaii or if you are going to purchase one there.  Can you afford this?

    I hate to burst your bubble, but $10K isn't enough to get established in Hawaii.  

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    First see if you can find a job there.

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    Hawaii is a US state, and public schools in the US only hire licensed teacher. You can look on the Hawaii Department of Education website to find out what the qualifications are for a licensed teacher. You would need either to be licensed for elementary education, or in a subject area in order to teach middle school or high school. It is possible that if you could pass the Praxis test in math, you would be hired on a waiver, and given time to take the education courses you would need.

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    You go around the island. Then you go around the island again. Next time you go around the island you go in the other direction, You buy your stuff in the same stores, day after day. One day maybe you actually go to another island and drive around it. Maybe twice. I'm exaggerating but not much. And many people thrive on living there. One view is that it's like living in a small town with an inpenetrable fence around it. It's pretty much why I left - I wanted a more worldly life.

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