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Why is having a girl celebrated more than having a boy ?

Pregnant mothers jump for joy when they find out they're having girls but when it's a boy they're all disappointed. It just makes me mad because people like that shouldn't be having kids if you're going to be selfish and act upset just because you didn't get the gender you wanted

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    Not all women want a daughter. I grew up with two sisters and we never got along, so I wanted a boy first. I would like one of each, but I would rather have two boys than two girls. By having a boy first, I wasn't worried about the gender of the second child. As it turned out I had a boy first and a girl second, just what I wanted, but I would have loved my children regardless of their genders.

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    I'm expecting at the moment but we don't know the gender. Just as a 6th sense I belive I'm having a baby girl, but my partner thinks it's a baby boy, regardless we'll be over the moon. Seeing them on our scan litterally took our breath away and made both of us cry, they look so perfect and healthy and we can't wait to hold them in our arms. Everything we've bought is gender neutral, and even things that aren't are mainly a little boyish, but that doesn't bother us because idk if you've ever seen a giraff print fury nappy but they are cuuuuute and baby is gonna be the most delicious little bundle of squish ever. 

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    I am Sooo Blessed n Happy to have my Son who was Healthy baby! but I would be just as Happy to have a girl :)...but yes, some cultures they want a BOY*!.. when my son was born there was an Indian woman who gave birth to a beautiful lil girl n her husband did NOT pick up his daughter, he yelled at his wife in their language n left..he didn't come back ..her sister came to pick her n the baby up to go home, it broke my heart to see that* Every Parent that I know, wanted their child to be Healthy* the gender did not matter at all* .. My sister n her husband, had a boy, 2 yrs later had another boy...n decided to try for a girl...and 2 yrs later they were blessed with Healthy Twin Baby GIRLS :) My nieces..where one of them has 2 beautiful healthy baby girls*of her own now (3yr old and a 1yr old my great nieces...(wonder if she'll try for a boy n end up with TWINS ? ahhh! lol* but...To ME.....Girls are not celebrated More... than having a boy...They are Both Celebrated equally* Very Happy n Very Blessed* :)

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      I made comments like that in front of my friend with cerebral palsy and he was offended and I realized the mistake I made because it's kind of ableist but it's such a cliche I didn't think what I was saying!

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    There are several cultures where boys are preferred , because they are seen as future providers for the family, and women are promoted to 2nd class citizens when they have sons. These women probably look forward to the future, when they will have a daughter-in-law to boss around.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Would you be upset for a girl?

    Men tend to want boys and women, girls.

    We know now that gender is a social construct, and can be deconstructed.

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    I have never experienced what you're talking about.

    I was super excited for my son

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    In several parts of the world boys are valued far more highly than girls. With gender knowledge of babies in the womb these days, girls foetuses are often aborted in those parts of the world. When China had a 'one baby per couple' policy to try to control population expansion (before the days of knowing before birth the gender of the baby), girl babies often 'died' shortly after they were born, so that the couple could try for a boy next time.

    Your question applies only in certain parts of the world, probably only within certain sorts of society in those parts.

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    In the same way, people shouldn't be disappointed if their kid comes out as lgbt - you say you'll always love them, but can you really if there's a chance they'll be something you're discriminating againat?

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    I think it's likely you have a limited circle of acquaintance.

    Worldwide about 90 million women are missing due to cultural preferences for boys.

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