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Is Eliud Kipcloge,s record-time of Sub-Two hours for the Marathon road distance event,another example of the continuing ingenuity of man?

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  • Adam D
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    Is the ingenuity part where they set up specific circumstances so he could hit a number that looks good but is ultimately meaningless?

    He doesn't hold the record for the marathon. There are criteria which determine if a marathon qualifies for a record.

    We will probably see a sub-2 hour marathon in the next few years. Kipchoge probably would have been better served by continuing to run his normal schedule of marathon races on fast courses and hoping that the stars would align for a perfect day on one of those. But it's possible the money was better on this venture.

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    It's an example of the amazing things the human body is capable of. Even though his results are due to assistance that wouldn't occur during an actual race, it indicates that it won't be long before someone does run a sub 2 hr marathon without drafting a vehicle, having pacers, having a laser show them where the optimal spot on the road for running is, and having people on bikes hand them water so they needn't slow down to grab hydration.

    Ingenuity is "the quality of being clever, original, and inventive:" (per Oxford Dictionaries). I wouldn't say what he did had to do with ingenuity but with his great training and athletic ability.

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