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what is the difference between first iraq war and second iraq war?

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  • Jason
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    1 month ago
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    The Gulf War was justified and we fought for the freedom of Kuwait.

    The "second" Iraq War was a devastating mistake where we were lied about weapons of mass destructions which never existed.

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    There seems too be so many by definition. Are we referring to Operations Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Iraqi Freedom, New Dawn, or whatever supporting the fight against ISIS was/is called? It seems we go in do the original job, and then a new problem arrives as we are there every time we touch that country.

    Then we get to hear from someone that doesn’t know anything outside what a biased source has to say to spout off something like “it was a pointless war” on the internet or worse to the faces of those who survived for others whom didn’t come home. Just know Sadam didn’t like Kuwait’s existence, and there’s people in this world whom take their religious beliefs out of context to a point of wanting to spread the oppression put upon themselves on to others.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    the first gulf war was 100 hours long . 100,000 of saddam's republican guard troops surrendered to US troops . old man bush quietly granted ALL of them political asylum , plus about 150,000 of their family . bush let in 100,000 radical unvetted military trained Iraqi muslims into he US . he put half in Wisconsin , and half in the Detroit / Dearborn area . in 30 years they have assimilated into American life an have caused no problems .

  • Troy
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    1 month ago

    In the first Iraq war they had invaded a small peaceful and sovereign nation that had an alliance with us and that had strategic importance to us. The UN forced the Iraqi Army to quit its occupation and retreat to its own land. We allowed them to remain with their government intact when they signed a cease fire. The cease fire basically laid out an agreement in which we would control their sky and they would endure certain restrictions militarily to prevent future disruptions to the peace of the region.

    In the second war, after thousand of violations of the cease fire treaty by the Iraqi's and after continued threats to our safety and to the peace of the region by their leader, we resumed fire.

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