Bf talks about marriage randomly?

My bf was about to go to work so we laid there together for a few mins.. We agreed to not talk about proposing or marriage for a bit because a month ago he said he wasn't ready.. but this morning he mentioned us getting married and this time he didn't say "one day" afterwards like he always does.. He also likes to plan things then act like it's not going to happen soon then it happens soon. I told him when he mentioned it "but you said you wasn't ready.. And you don't have a ring" (because he jokingly asked me to marry him) and all he replied with was "I'll put some string on your finger until I get a ring" and I said okay. I could care less honestly.. But I knew he was joking about the string so he replied with "no" and smiled. Our relationship is great too and we've been together for a year. A year and 4 months by tomorrow :) but why would he bring it up so randomly after agreeing and not talking about it for about a month.. Could he be planning or?

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    He has no plans to get married now or in the future but mentions it to you to keep you around, why would he want to get married when life suites him the way it is ?

  • 1 month ago

    Believe me... neither of you are ready for marriage. You sound about 12, you really do. You have been together 'a year and four months' with a smiley face, and I think you think that is SO sweet.. you CLAIM you could care less, when it is so so so SO obvious you are obsessing about it. You are scrutinizing every word he says, when an adult couple would just TALK. Sorry, but you aren't mature enough for this.

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