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Car battery failed ONLY after 30K km (18.6K miles). Is it normal? The car has been driven only in city with extreme climates and short trips?

I live in North Macedonia, where the summers are very warm, and the winters are very cold. The vehicle is FIAT PUNTO 1.2, produced in 2016 .So the battery failed after 3.5 years, which is normal, but the low mileage worries me. 98% of the miles are driven in city, heavy traffic and frequent engine starts.

Please take into consideration that I drained the battery twice in 2017 because I left some devices on, so I had to jumpstart the car and then it worked fine, till yesterday.

What is the reason for the broken battery? Normal wear & tear or the two times I fully drained it? Or something else?

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    Starting places a lot of strain on the battery. Short trips mean that the battery doesn't get the chance to recharge. Draining the battery and leaving it flat gives the lead an opportunity to sulphate up - which kills the battery. The batteries supplied with Fiat cars are not the best. I suggest you replace it with the biggest battery that will fit in the compartment. Don't buy a cheap one - they don't last. Also get yourself a mains battery charger and put the battery on charge overnight once a month.

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    That's normal for your conditions.

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    Short trips, numerous engine starts and extreme temperatures are extremely hard on lead-acid car batteries. I'm amazed that it lasted as long as it did under those conditions, which are also not very good for the engine. The type of driving you are doing is perfect for a fully electric vehicle such as a Nissan Leaf. You should consider buying an EV next time you buy a car.

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    If you didn't charge the battery with a portable battery charger set to 12 volts, 10 amps for 6 hours you never charged the battery back up fully. Running the motor after jumping a completely dad battery can burn out one of the three diodes in the alternator which causes the alternator only to surface charge the battery. Take a voltage reading at the battery posts with the motor running at 1200 rpms. You need at least 13.7 volts. if you only have 12 to 12.9 volts you need an alternator OR you hooked up the battery jumper cables wrong and fried the fusible link that protects the electrical system, When that fusible link gets fried/blown the alternator can not charge the battery. The fusible links are the larger fuses in the engine compartment fuse box. Check them.

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
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    It is time as much as use that affects battery life.

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    If the two times of fully draining the battery including the jumpstarts were the reason and they happened in 2017, the battery would've been killed in 2017 already and it wouldn't start the engine in the winters in 2017-2018 and 2018-2019.

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    On a brand new car the original factory supplied battery tends to last about five to six years, regardless of mileage.

    But allowing the battery to go totally flat on two separate occasions will definitely have caused permanent damage which shortened its lifespan, and jump-starts to totally flat conventional lead-acid batteries add a little bit of cumulative damage. Modern AGM batteries cost far more but are also vastly more tolerant of being allowed to run flat and then jump-started.

    You can now choose whether to buy a budget replacement battery which tends to last about three years, mid-range ones which are similar but come with a guarantee of perhaps four to five years, or a premium model which should at least match or exceed the original battery had it not been accidentally abused, so around six years.

    In many cases the budget and mid-range models are internally identical, but the higher price pays for the manufacturer to offer a longer warranty on battery lifespan.

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