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Is it unsafe to go to a tattoo artists house?

This tattoo guy is a bit pushy since I said I was interested in getting some tats. He was a customer of mine. He said he will come to me and can do a payment plan, and will be doing a lot of work on me down the line.

I really dont want a bunch of tattoos. I was only interested in getting something small, but also not right now because it's not a good time financially.

Is there any disease risk going to some ones house? Or danger?


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  • If he doesn't have an area designated to tattooing then there's a higher risk of infection, as the equipment may not be properly sterilized.

    Also have you checked out his website or a portfolio of his work.. If not ask him about it. If he doesn't have one then I would go else where.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Thereis always a risk of infection. You need to see the sterilisation system for needles. And hand washing.

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