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Which tvs are the ones with true HDR?

I would like to experience true HDR while gaming and watching movies, but so many tv supposedly offer true HDR. I hear that some tvs fake HDR and some don't get it right. I would love to get a true HDR experience and buy the right tv. Does anybody have a list or know which tv offer 4k amd hdr?

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    Right now there is a “premium” HDR format war going on. Samsung is the only brand putting all their chips in the HDR10+ and there is Dolby Vision HDR which most companies have chosen to be the better one. Then there’s the basic HDR10 which at this point all 4K TVs support.

    Now, if you truly want to experience HDR then that comes down to the TV that is able to display HDR properly while also giving you the best possible picture.

    I went with OLED, and it looks beautiful in both HDR and standard content. That’s because of the way the pixels work independently. Samsung’s Q80R and up would be my second choice, because it’s aggressive local dimming helps with black levels but also its wider color volume and peak brightness. Sony’s Master Series 4K LED would be my second choice but price wise is far out of my budget but beats the Samsung QLED.

    Samsung is also working on MicroLED which would beat OLED and be far superior to LED. TCL is also going to do MiniLED which is similar to Samsung.

    • Skylar J
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      I would say the LG C9P OLED is the best TV to get, it’s future proof with HDMI 2.1 and you’ll love the display. Sony’s OLEDs while great, and have a great picture processor, just cost a lot more and look the same as LG.

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    There's so many out there.  Just buy a TV that has "Dolby Vision".  If it has Dolby vision it means that Dolby Labs has certified it to be capable of displaying all the extra HDR colors along with supporting that specific standard.  TCL TV's make the cheapest Dolby vision tv's but you will find them across many brands like Sony, LG, and vizio.   Samsung TV's do not have Dolby Vision because they feel you just trust their HDR is good enough.

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