How many days inter-railing?

After A-levels, me and a couple of friends want to go inter railling for about a month (13 July- 13 August). We have a list of places and they make a good route but I'm not sure if there are too many or how many days it takes to enjoy somewhere (to do the main attractions). So far, the plan is Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Ljubljana, Venice, Rome, Florence, Milan, Bern, Lyon and Paris. Looking at the list, it seems a lot but we just to see as many places as possible because none of us have travelled much. Is there anywhere not worth going to? And how many days would say you need in each place? Any attractions that are a must? 

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    You're in the UK. You can go to Europe any time you want, pretty easily. So why try to cram all of it in one trip? Don't think of this as your only trip; think of it as your first trip. I've spent a month in Italy and just scratched the surface, and a week at a time in Paris for several years. You don't have to have everything set it stone. Get your rail pass, go somewhere, and decide when you want to leave. Who knows.. you might meeting some charming people in one of those places.

  • 1 month ago

    You'd probably want at least a couple of days in each place; otherwise you'd just tick them off but see / experience nothing and spend most of your time travelling between places instead. So you should probably take a few off the list.

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