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The guy I've been dating wakes up for work between two and three in the morning every day and works until around four or five, sometimes later. He's only free one night a week which works fine but he's always really tired and run down and it's been draining my energy recently. Sometimes when we go on dates he falls asleep during almost the whole movie. And there's been other nights where we were in his car and he fell asleep for an hour or two because he was too tired to bring me home and didn't get home until almost three in the morning.

I also have really bad OCD and a fear of getting sick. Just last weekend he said he fell very ill but I don't know with what. I haven't gone out with him since. I constantly worry that he might have or get mono. Can you get that just from being run down or do you have to catch it from someone? He's 32 if age makes a difference. I had a college professor that always talked about making sure to get enough sleep so you don't get mono.

I do like him but I also feel really stressed out and confused.

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    You have to understand he’s working a lot he’s probably exhausted god knows when I used to work 5 days a week if I went on a date I’d end up falling asleep in there bed for a day and they never speaking to me again lol, be understandable he’s tired and worn still trying to make time for you , I think you meee to chill with your OCD . People get tired when they work a lot

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