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I want to buy a used tv that has warranty, how will that work?

So I'm gonna go on a buy and sell website and find someone selling a tv that is still under warranty, how will I get the warranty? Does anything have to be transferred to my name? do they still have to have a receipt? how does this work?

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    New TVs are quite cheap. Why buy used ?

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    Some A/V dealers used to let customers trade newly purchased equipment in for better, more expensive models within 30 days or so if they were unsatisfied. It seems reasonable that honoring the factory warranty until its expiration would make it easier to sell as used equipment.

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    You will have to ask the seller to provide all of the necessary information. 

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    Sometimes you can buy a 3rd party warranty on used products through sites like eBay when you buy the product.  Otherwise refurbished products only have a 90 day warranty.  New TV's only have a warranty of one year so it's unlikely to have found a TV with a valid manufacturer's warranty, but if you did you would need the original purchase receipt.   If the seller provides a 3rd party warranty in your name then it would definitely be valid.  Sellers that provide their own self store warranty that is serviced only by that specific seller can often be a bit of a scam if you ever tried to collect.   

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