so ive been looking for this online book its a gay romance. with a alien cat man and a human male?

so ive been looking for this online book for awhile i hope someone can help me find it since i cant seem to find it. if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate. i read it online a few years ago and it was like 40 chapter but amazing and i havent found it since. it starts with a prince that was captured in a prison from his uncle. his uncle brings in a slave that is supposedly a human who has been extinct for years that he had bought off some off world slavers. the human and the alien have to mate since the nanotechnology in the alien's body makes him mate every few days. eventually the aliens family comes back the human and him cannot communicate you eventually find out that the human is a translator that had been traveling to a new planet in chrono sleep and him and his whole crew had gotten lost. eventually it evolves into people trying to experiment on the human

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