How do i start a blog and put ads?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Step 1) Get a web hosting package + domain name... there are free places, but they often aren't as flexible

    Step 2) Install Wordpress from the control panel in the web hosting package... you may also want to consider adding some plugins to secure the site so the comments + contact forms don't get swamped by spambots + content scrapers, etc.

    Step 3) Write articles for the blog, and regularly release them over a period of days / weeks... while also working on SEO stuff + building traffic so there's people actually coming to the blog.

    Step 4) Apply for advertising accounts at the usual spots (they can be rather picky, and prefer sites that are established and in full flow):

    - Google AdSense

    - Amazon Associates


    - Commission Junction (

    Step 5) From inside Wordpress, search for and install a plugin for embedding adverts

    Step 6) From the website of the place you get the adverts from (assuming you get approved), get the snippet of advertising code, and copy & paste it into the spot in the plugin... for adverts on the side of a wordpress (displayed similar to the ads on the right of Yahoo Answers), you'll need to click and drag a block into a "widget".

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