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I have three citizenships, should I enlist in the Canadian Forces, British Army, French Foreign Legion, US Army or Australian Army?

I have Canadian, US and Australian citizenship.  How? Because I fit US and Australian citizenship from birth and was naturalized as a Canadian, and Canada doesn't make you renounce.  As a citizen of the Commonwealth, I am eligible to enlist in the British Army.  I also don't need French citizenship to enlist in the FFL.

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    Yes, Yahoo Strangers is the place to ask random people about your question. Is your name Balki?

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    The United States does not formally recognize dual citizenship. However, it also has not taken any stand against it, either legally or politically. Typically, no American will forfeit his or her citizenship by undertaking the responsibilities of citizenship in another country.

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    It doesn't matter where you enlist. As long as you fight for oil. We have troops in Saudi Arabia right now to fight for oil.

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    Very poor effort at trolling.

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    If you were a US citizen at birth, and became naturalized as a Canadian citizen, you ARE NOT a US citizen. Becoming an naturalized citizen of ANY country is legally RENOUNCING your US citizenship. It isn't what Canada requires. It is US law that applies to US citizenship.

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    thats up to you where you want to enlist

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