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I installed Ubuntu and I want Windows 10 back?

I wanted to try out Ubuntu and so I booted it with a flash drive that had pop!_os on it. I realized then that I couldn't play half of the games I normally played on a monthly basis. I want to get back to having fun and I've searched, trying different methods to no avail. I have Ubuntu 19.04 and have the Kubuntu desktop layout, just incase anyone needed it.


The problem that I'm having is that I can't find something to burn the ISO image onto my USB. Rufus doesn't show my USB as an option, balena won't even open, and WoeUSB says the install.wim file exceeds the 4 GB file limit and won't copy it if I choose the system file for FAT. WoeUSB also had some troubles with the NTFS type, but I wasn't sure why.

Update 2:

I got it fixed guys, I somehow made it out. I feel comfortable back in Windows 10, not sure how I got back, but I'm glad it's over.

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    if you installed side by side on bare metal a dual boot then update your grub-config , open a terminal with shift ctrl and t , then type sudo update-grub or sudo grub-update this will then show windows in the grub boot order , next time you boot. But if you installed over the top of windows then you can either re-install windows or try to recover your original partition with special partition recovery software. you haven't said how you come to install pop os.. good luck.. Gparted

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       Hi. Ubuntu is usually pretty good about dual-installing with Windows, so You may have a bootloader installed that would let You choose between Win10 & Ubuntu at bootup.

       I'm not familiar with the Pop!_OS version specifically, but Ubuntu also easily supports a virtual machine environment - which would let You install a virtual copy of Your Win10 installation right under Ubuntu.

       Even if You do go with a harddrive wipe & reinstall of Win10, You could still set up a virtual machine software to continue trying out other linux / Ubuntu distros with & no harddrive operations necessary at all.


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    So from another computer download the Windows 10 media installation tool and have an 8 gig USB stick plugged in and make yourself and Windows 10 installer. Boot to it and when you get to the part where you're going to install Windows 10 delete all of the partitions that you see. Then click new. Let Windows 10 create for you the partitions that you're supposed to have. you will need to install the same version of Windows 10 that you had on there before for instance if it was home you have to put home back on it if it was pro you have to put pro back on it. If you do so Windows 10 will automatically reactivate what you're on the internet. It's a very simple operation I do it all the time it takes less than 30 minutes. You should have installed Linux mint and playonlinux.

    Linux runs any game you want to run on it but you have to install playonlinux. And learn how to use it.

  • David
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    4 weeks ago

    If you haven't a Windows 10 recovery USB you can make one using Windows 10 media creation tool, a working computer and a blank 8GB USB drive.

    Download and run and tool. You can also burn an .iso file to make an installation DVD. Boot off that and you can reinstall Windows 10.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    If you actually installed Ubuntu on your hard drive, unless you did it on a separate partition, you most likely overwrote Windows 10. You can go to the Microsoft site and download the mediacreation tool that will create a bootable DVD or flash drive with Windows 10 on it. Simply install the version you had (home or pro) and your hardware is already recognized if you had it on there before.

  • 4 weeks ago

    If you booted from a thumb drive but didn't install it on your hard drive, simply turn off the computer, remove the thumb drive, and boot from the hard drive. If you installed Ubuntu on your hard drive, your Windows installation may be lost for good.

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