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Getting rid of old scars without surgery?

I have a massive amount of really old scars from self harm on my thighs and forearms. They are at least 6 years old, and though they have faded a good amount, they are still visible if you look long enough. The shallow ones are mostly faded, but most of them are raised scars/keloids. I don't feel the need to cover them with long clothing or anything like that, but I would just like to try and get them as faded as I possibly can without having to get a skin graft. What methods/scar creams/products can you reccommend? 

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    nothing topical will work at this point, they are as remodeled as they will get, Scar tissue is not normal skin that is why it doesnt look like normal tissue. No cremes etc will make a difference at this point.

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    maybe a dermotologist can help you out

  • No clue what that means

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