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What's the worst way you have ever burned your bridge with your mother? Something you did or said.?

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  • 1 month ago

    worst thing I ever did.........was flip the dining room table, after I was having a particularly bad day, and she was busting my balls over petty sh*t......and I was late, and had to go, and she just wouldn't take the hint and back off, until I finally just exploded, and flipped the Whole damn dining room table.....just to get her to shut the f*** up.

    The only goddamn thing that broke, was this one butterfly candle thing, that she reallllllllllly, really liked.

    I felt bad about it for years........and searched high and low for a replacement, and never found one.

    and then she died of cancer.......and that was that.

    Sorry mom..................(but you really had it coming that day. )

  • Nini
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    1 month ago

    I've never burned a bridge with my mother. She gave me birth so i would never do anything to hurt her.

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