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Why is having this message after F3?

Your computer have problems to boot, some device was unplugged in a wrong way. Boot/ BCD OCx00000e9 An unexpected I/O error has occured.

2-What can be done in the boot?

3-The Windows is not working how to use DOS?

4-How to install a recovery console in the WIndows 7?

5-How to copy files from an USB from the DOS? How to put the driver?

6-What are the first steps in Linux?

7-Where's located the Linux. I searched in the C, D, E etc and i didn't find it.

8- In 2003 was it a digital cell phone or analogic? Were the chips like today?

9-There's no installation CD to the WIndows 7 but it's still have the recovery etc. What's the CD for?

10-Why there's no point of recovery in the Windows 7?

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