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I’m having a lot of pain in my knee and calf after injury ?

A couple of months ago, I fell down the stairs at school and tore a ligament in my foot. I had two big gashes in the side of my foot. It was extremely painful and I was put into a boot, but it healed for the most part within a month. I still had a limp and a little pain, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it was. It’s been about a month since I’ve been out of the boot and walking on it. Well about 3 days ago in the same leg that I hurt my foot, I started to experience a lot of leg pain. I get pain in my calf and in my knee. It feels better when i walk on it for a while, like the pain gets better, but if I sit down for a couple of hours or go to bed, the next time I get up the pain is extreme again. I’m not sure if maybe I strained the muscle or what, but I’m a little worried that it could be something more severe. My foot also swells just as bad if I’m on it for long periods of time like it did when I first hurt it. There is no swelling in my leg though. Just my foot and ankle. 

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