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what do squares between main planets in a horary chart really mean?

if the moon is making a harmonic (trine) aspect...say between moon and Pluto (and pluto is the ruler of chart) but then pluto is making a square between sun and sun is the other main planet involved in question..what does that mean? yes or not? why?

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    Horary astrology is designed to answer questions. There is no formulaic a square means this or a trine means that. As one of my teachers put it, "A trine can kill you."

    The main planets are called "significators." The significator of the querent, the person asking the question, is the ruler of the ASC. The significator of the quesited, the person or thing inquired about, is determined by house ruler or other such things. A square that is applying is far more important than a square that is separating, ditto every other aspect. An applying square often means that the thing inquired about will come about with difficulty. Sometimes that's a good thing. A separating square could mean it's too late for it to happen.

    The key to horary is JUDGMENT. The astrologer takes the information given by the chart and judges the outcome of the question. No astrologer ever did this better than William Lilly. His master work, Christian Astrology, is a gold mine of examples of how to judge a chart. No horary astrologer should ever be without two copies. One to read, and one to mark up with notes.

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    So, as I understand it:

    - Pluto rules the asker in your horary

    - Moon (always) is the co-ruler of the asker

    - Sun rules the matter you are asking about

    In a horary chart, we always look to see if the aspects are applying or separating.

    Applying means that the faster-moving planet is earlier in its sign, than the other planet is in its sign. In other words, Moon at 10 Aries is applying (in conjunct aspect) to a planet located at 15 Aries. It WILL catch up to that planet and bring the matter to completion. But Moon at 10 Aries is separating from a planet located at 8 Aries, so nothing further will happen .. nothing brings those two planets together for something to happen.\

    SO .....

    IS Sun applying to a square aspect with Pluto?

    If YES, then a negative result will occur.

    If NO, then you do not use the Sun-Pluto aspect to analyze the horary ... what the separating aspect indicates something that happened in the PAST .... not the future.

    So if there is no applying aspect between Sun and Pluto, then you look to see if there IS an APPLYING aspect between Moon and Sun.

    You indicate a trine aspect, but don't say if Moon is moving to the exact trine aspect, or it if is separating.

    IF Moon is applying to Sun by a trine, and there is NO Sun-Pluto applying aspect, then the outcome is positive.

    If Moon is SEPARATING from a trine to the Sun, then this indicates a PAST occurrence, not a future one.

    Also ... .if less than 3 degrees are on the cusp of house ruling the person (probably you), the matter has not yet developed well enough TO have a certain outcome.

    And if MORE than 27 degrees are on that cusp, then the matter is already settled and nothing further will happen.

    Squares and oppositions indicate negative outcomes.

    Conjunctions, sextiles and trines indicate positive outcomes.

    The final aspect the Moon makes before she leaves the sign she is in, indicates how YOU will FEEL about the outcome .... regret, acceptance, gladness, etc.

    UNDERSTAND that Horary charts are NOT always reliable. When they are they are dead-on correct, even to timing and little details. When they are not .. they are way off and totally inaccurate. Horary seems to work BEST when the question is about a lost object and whether or not you will find it. I've been doing horary charts since 1984, and in the end, you have to relax about the matter, and just go with your gut feeling.

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      so if asked, will I get the contract to do the work...what would it mean? yes or not, if Sun is applying to Pluto in square?

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    Essentially, "square" means a kind of conflict between aspects. Like the sun is about basic drives, while pluto is about catharsis (release/relief from tension). The two are trying to go in different directions, which are not in opposition to each other,

    It's saying that you need to look at the opportunity costs involved, because you can't achieve both directions fully.

    Trines are more about pulling in harness (the two aspects can both be achieved, or one can help the other

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      It means that you need to be prepared for not getting the contract OR that the contract will not be as successful as you would like

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